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Click on the picture for California 2015 Alumni gathering detail. 

Dear all,                 Tue 20/11/2007     
ChemicalClik for the pictures

I just came back from Iran last week, and I was there for two weeks. I went to Polytechnic, and visited some of my professors there after 30 years in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Dept.!!!_
I took some pictures that I wanted to share with you, in the pictures you can see Dr. Sohrabi, and Dr. Edrisi who are still teaching there. Dr. Jamshidi, Dr. Dabir, and Dr. Kaghazchi (Dr. Sohrabi’s wife) are still teaching there too, but they were not in at that time I was there.
I started in 1974 and graduated form Polytechnic in 1979 from Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. I moved with my family in 1995 to LA, and I am working as an Air Quality Engineer at South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in Diamond Bar.
Wishing you all the best, Happy Thanksgiving.
Azar Dabiri (Abbassi)

Dear Graduate friends,

We need your help to re develop our Alumni database to have password protected login.
Our graduate should be able to update their information.
Please contact me if you have time for such an important development task for our alumni database.
thanks, Amir Mazinani


Polytechnic volleyball team 
Spring of 1354

Dear Graduates we had a successful gathering in Toronto on Sunday March 25th 2007.
      First Mohandes Firouz Med-Nejad -graduate of 1343- the most senior Alumni in Toronto who is also one of the first year graduates, in a short speech welcomes the participants and congratulated every one for this gathering and wished a prospers New Year. He mentioned "Polytechnic was like our home and it made us like members of a family". "It is good to see the faces of old friends as it makes us happy and remembering the good days".
            Second Speaker was Mohandes Ahmad Reza Tabrizi -graduates of 1348 – he greeted everyone and mentioned,   " Having such an event and gathering is now more needed than if we were living in Iran", "Such a net working will help our community to have stronger voice "… " I propose to have at least two annual events "Mehregan & Nowrouz "…  "Iranian - Canadian community is one of the most successful one in Canada in the Economical and Educational aspects but not very active in the social & political seen"…  " Preliminary planning has been done with group of our alumni’s in California and Tehran to celebrate the 50th.anniversary of Polytechnic during the last week of August in Toronto".
             Mohandes Frydon Torabi - Graduate of 1350 -"talked about the Nowrouz and Jalali Calendar. Although Nowrouz started on first day of spring almost over twenty five hundred years ago, but the day of Nowrouz was not a specific day of year and it was on a rotating base calendar. For the first time Malekshah Saljughi and Khaje Nezamolmolk Tousi decided to keep the Nowrouz a fixed event on March21st. (The first day of spring), It was celebrated for over fifteen hundred years.
        This event was not possible without the help of organizers: Shojaei, Tabrizi, Torabi, Med Nejad, Javaheri, Dr. Sadeghian. Also, the volunteers: Dr. Mazinani, Frozan Jlaeefar, Naderi (Piano) and Maliknaz Sadooghi (haft sin). The sponsor of this event was Persian Circle.

We had our Brunch
Gathering in Toronto

2007 party pictures

Video-1 2007 party

Video-2 2007 party



On April 6, 2003 in Toronto we had our  enjoyable party along with our friends an family members.
click here for the pictures

We  invited the management  of  Iranian engineers association" Mohandes". Also, in this party we had a very special Iranian student guests from University of Khajeh Naseir Tosee.  They were the winner of first pries of American Concrete Institute.

The first gathering of our alumni in Toronto
on 24 November 2002

Dear Frends,
We are a few graduates of Tehran Polytechnic (Amir Kabir University) living in Toronto Canada. We had a chance to get together three times in the past. After so many years with experience of living out side Iran, we see the urges of having an association. This way we can meet our graduates all around the world and to meet our colleagues and professors and get in touch with each other.

Hopefully through such a network we will be able to help each other even perhaps young students of our university.
Please contact us via e-mail and provide us as much as information you may like to insert in our database. Even you can send us your web site URL address with your logo, we will post it here for free.

Through this database you will find your friends.

Organization contact email:

Web site email:

 Association of Polytechnic Graduates
(Jameh e Fareghotahsilan e Polytechnic )
Published the Alumni book (1340 - 1374) 
 in Persian.
As soon as we get some more information about active member of the Association of Polytechnic Graduates, we will post them here along with their contact address.

These days wherever you look in the Polytechnic block a construction is going on.

Today the Old main  entrance of Polytechnic used as a book store. 
The logo of this web site extracted from this picture. It is a ceramic tiles singe.

Face Book

The Alumni of Polytechnic web sit is as a result of cooperation between the graduate based in Canada.
We appreciate any kind help to make this web site useful and interesting. 
If you have web interactive database knowledge please contact
A. Mazinani  to make our alumni table accessible to every one for adding the new members.

This web site designed and maintained  by Amir Mazinani.

If you have any comments 
or you want to add your name to the Alumni table please send your information to:Amir Mazinani

The Alumni book is available through
M. R. Golpour

The first gathering of our alumni
 in Toronto
on 24 November 2002

Photos of  Polytechnic

 taken on October 1999


up date 22/June/2015


Registered ALUMNI list

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Graduate's column  

my name: majid abadani

I was there. It was beutiful time. IŽll never forget it.

Now I am sitting here in Germany and configurate and programm hard ware and soft ware.

But I am thinking about that time and students who started to study in 1358. I do not know even names of them. I want to say hello to the students of poly technic university (especially 1358, 1359, 1360)  and all iranian people.

my mail:

Dear friends;
Another Monthly dinner gathering for our alumni will be held in 
Orange County.
August 29, 2008 ( Last Friday of the Month)
Time: 6:00 - 11:00 PM
Place:  Classic Q Restaurant, Billiards & Sports Bar (near John Wayne airport) at the following address.
Please remind your friends who are not currently on the e-mail list as well.
Thank you and have a great night!

Bahman Sharifi
Cell Phone (949) - 400 – 8811

The following is the web site address for Tehran Polytechnic Alumni Group in California.

Please review and provide me your feedback.


Behzad Entezam


Dear Friends,
Hi! First of all I would like to appreciate from all friends which have organized and operating this Website for Tehran Polytechnic graduates
family, I kindly request you to update my profile as follows:
1 – My name is: Mojtaba Gharadaghi
2 – I have graduated in 1349 from Electrical Engineering Faculty and my Main is Electronics.
3 – My contacts is as follows:
E – Mail :
Also I would like to know about the final arrangements for the Tehran Polytechnic 50th,Anniversary which was scheduled for August / September 2007.
Thanks and best regards,
M. Gharadaghi

Sympathy              August 31, 2007
"Memory of Dr. Abolfath Ardalan"
We regret this great lose with sadness and our condolences to Dr. Ardalan family and our professional community.

Hi,  (Mon 09/04/2007 5:12 PM)

Many thanks for your email and your valuable efforts for polytechnic.

Hopefully there are over 40 polytechnics graduates in Montreal. On this weblog you can find some information in this case. Also we had a meeting on May27,2006. If you want i can send the picture to you.

Also in this weblog you can find the classified photo collection of politechnic. I think now there are over 300 photos there. It is really great.

please put these information on your website.


yours, amir arash

i am Amir Arash Rafiei, as a polytechnics graduate on 1999. now i am in canada and study in university of Laval. I found your very very interesting website that really provide good feeling to me. i sent you a link that it contains more than 150 photos of polytechnic between 1372-1379.
 Click Here
may be some of them will be good for your website. also if you can, consider a page on your website that new graduates can add their information such as name, email make a good communication between recent and old generation of polytechnics.
also if you can consider a page for OSTAD NAFISI as father of polytechnics and presentation of  the history of our university.

in my case i am ready to make more connection between my friends and your website.

with best regards
amir arash rafiei

Dear Friends,

I am one of the chemical engineers which graduated from tehran poly technic in 1362.
Now I am working with Shiraz Petrochemical co. as technical services manager.
I would be very happy if I receive any news from my friends.
My e-mail address is

A note from
Bahman Sharifi
(Civil-1969) California
on 11/09/2004

Two years ago, many of us in the Southern California area got together for a picnic and  since then have established a tradition of meeting together at least once a year at a local park.  In addition, my personal class of (1969-Civil Engineer) meet for dinner 4-6 times a year in the  Los Angeles area.