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Meeting of 24 Nov. 2002 in Toronto

The first meeting of Tehran Polytechnic Alumni took place in Toronto on the 24 of November 2002. In this meeting 50 graduate singed up and introduced them selves to others and briefly they explained their position. The detail of this meeting will be announce by the new committee members.


Amir Jan:
Fantastic idea to get them together.  Please extend my regards to those who still remember me. I wish I could come.
Good luck
Abol Ardalan

( Dr. Ardalan our Electronics professor at Tehran Polytechnic)

Dear Friends:
Thank you very much for providing the party that was held on yesterday. It was very grateful especially for new comers such as me.
Best regards,
Ali Pakzad

Dear friends:
First of all I want to say thanks from all of you for gave us this   opportunity to meet the Polytechnic alumni,second I want to give you my information :
If some one need any information regarding continuing education particularly in Quebec province please do not hesitate to contact me.
Rogi Pourasad
Cell: (416)427-1419
Many thanks to all of you for arranging the first gathering, I wish you
all the best ,and shall be looking forward to your next step.
Firouz Med-Nejad 

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